Certification Requirements

In order to complete your training and receive ASSERT Instructor Certification, we do require some additional courses outside of our offerings in order to ensure the safety and care of your future students.

      • Red Cross CPR Certification for Adult and Child
      • Red Cross AED Adult and Child
      • Red Cross First Aid

We must receive an emailed or snail mailed copy of your certificate of completion for each of these courses in order to issue your official ASSERT Instructor Certification (AIC), and, inorder to maintain your AIC in good standing, we must receive proof of re-certification from the Red Cross When and if required for each of these courses.


In order to maintain your AIC, you are required to attend a certain number of Peer Instructor lead ASSERT Classes as support staff. You will also need to be an active member of the ASSERT Network, Forum, and continuing education networks in order to keep information and materials up-to-date.


Other courses may be added as the curriculum is updated or you apply for higher Certification Levels.



Important Note: Because this is not a Martial Arts based program, and the techniques we teach are simplified for maximum recall under the effects of Adrenaline Stress, no previous Martial Arts experience is required.


Become an ASSERT Instructor

  • Single Instructor

    As an Instructor, you become a part of our International Network of ASSERT course providers, making you one of an elite team of Adrenaline Stress Strategic Emergency Response Trainers.

  • Martial Arts Schools

    The ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense course catalogue offers a variety of options perfect for Martial Arts School Curriculum integration or to offer as value-added, stand-alone workshops and classes that tap into a new, broader customer base.

  • School & Social Groups

    ASSERT provides schools and other educational facilities programs designed to instruct students on safety, personal security, and other boundary issues that they will face as they age and venture out on their own. All programs are age-appropriate and accecible to all physical capabilities.