Certification Levels

By offering a variety of Certification options, you can design an Instructorship that is suited to your needs, schedule, and clientele. All of our Instructors, at all levels, receive extensive training on the art of teaching the material and communication skills.


Level I - Speaker

Level I Certification provides you the ability to teach our full, student presentation curriculum. These courses are 1-2 hour Interactive, Multi-Media Presentations that can be delivered to groups of any size, following the presentations curriculum provided.


Level II - Workshop

Level II Certification takes the Speaker Certification and builds upon it. As a Workshop Certified Instructor, you are able to deliver both Interactive Lecture and Movement Workshop courses. Upon completing the Certification course work, you will be able to plan and deliver any combination of presentation, 1- and 2- day workshop classes.


Level III - Long-Form Courses

Level III Certification adds Long-Form and On-Going courses to your curriculum, by proving Instructors with new class information, new techniques, drills, practice scenarios and more that can extend the class from 4-9 weeks, or into an on-going practice course.



Instructors can also receive certification in Specialty Classes, such as Weapons, Home Invasion Preparation and Planning, and Identity Theft, with which to expand their ASSERT Syllabus.




Become an ASSERT Instructor

  • Single Instructor

    As an Instructor, you become a part of our International Network of ASSERT course providers, making you one of an elite team of Adrenaline Stress Strategic Emergency Response Trainers.

  • Martial Arts Schools

    The ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense course catalogue offers a variety of options perfect for Martial Arts School Curriculum integration or to offer as value-added, stand-alone workshops and classes that tap into a new, broader customer base.

  • School & Social Groups

    ASSERT provides schools and other educational facilities programs designed to instruct students on safety, personal security, and other boundary issues that they will face as they age and venture out on their own. All programs are age-appropriate and accecible to all physical capabilities.