ASSERT Instructor Certification

ASSERT Instructor Certification guarantees that your clients, students, and group members will receive first-class training and education. It provides you the ability to offer your clients a complete course portfolio that you can deliver at your current facility or on the road.


The ASSERT Course Curriculum is a flexible, adaptable tool designed to easily disseminate the information to those students who need it most. By using a variety of interactive face-to-face and online formats, we are able to provide our Instructors the latest information, newest physical and teaching techniques, updated statistics specific to their market, and constantly improved and revised multimedia tools. Take a look at what ASSERT Certification can offer you:


Single Instructors

Whether you are a Fitness Professional looking for an added value service to offer your clientele or a concerned Parent interested in offering your children and their peers the information they will need to safely and confidently head out on their own, as a Single Instructor you have the freedom to offer presentations, workshops, and courses wheever they are needed. By becoming an ASSERT Certified Instructor, you join a growing network of Self Defense Professionals available to provide you the assistance and support you need.


Our Chief Instructors and Researchers can also provide you with techniques, statistics and information specific to your area of interest or geographical location. The course offering posibilities are expanded by the variety of teaching formats, from Interactive Presentations to All-Movement Workhops. You have the flexibility to combine courses and material to create customized offerings that address the questions of your specific clientele and can share your creations, tips and experiences with the rest of the ASSERT Instructor community.


Martial Arts Schools

Open your school up to an entirely new market by expanding your course offerings. You can now offer potential and existing students effective Self Defense and Empowerment instruction in short, consise classes that are more accessible in to today's demanding schedules.


Our Interactive Presentations Curriculum are also a fantastic way to introduce your school to educational and social organizations in your area, expanding your reach and participation within your community.


Just like our Single Instructors, by becoming a Certified ASSERT Instructor, you join our educational and support network, where you can find answers to questions, receive area and interest specific research, techniques, and materials, and share and exchange experiences and tips with other Instructors and schools.


School and Social Organizations

The ASSERT Curriculum is a fantastic addition to school Physical Education programs for kids of all ages. The Curriculum is adaptable to all physical capabilities, is age-appropriate, and it addresses tough subjects, not from a position of fear and weakness, rather teaching participants to find their inner strength and put it to good use. This is the reason we are ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense, because the best defense and survival technique is the confidence and certainty that You Are Worth Fighting For.


Our Interactive Presentations are also a great additional tool for Social and Health Studies Courses at all stages. Elementary, Middle and Secondary.


Social Organizations, Religious Organizations, and other Peer Groups can benefit from additional activities and offerings for their member roster, even using the courses as fundraisers by opening them up to the community at large.


Both benefit from the continuing education and support of hte ASSERT Instructor Network, as well as customized information and courses, designed specifically for their member-base.



Become an ASSERT Instructor

  • Single Instructor

    As an Instructor, you become a part of our International Network of ASSERT course providers, making you one of an elite team of Adrenaline Stress Strategic Emergency Response Trainers.

  • Martial Arts Schools

    The ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense course catalogue offers a variety of options perfect for Martial Arts School Curriculum integration or to offer as value-added, stand-alone workshops and classes that tap into a new, broader customer base.

  • School & Social Groups

    ASSERT provides schools and other educational facilities programs designed to instruct students on safety, personal security, and other boundary issues that they will face as they age and venture out on their own. All programs are age-appropriate and accecible to all physical capabilities.